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      Doctor Remy lifted his eyebrows. "That looks bad," said he, gravely. "He is the heir, I suppose?"

      Chapter 11 AFTER MANY DAYS.The next afternoon, he was on his way to Berganton, whither Doctor Trubie was shortly to follow him.

      "Me!" repeated Bergan, in much astonishment; "what had I to do with it?""Call them," he retorted, in a voice deep and low as a distant thunder peal, and lifting his clenched hand on high,"call them, if it so pleases you! Their blood be on your head, not mine."

      "If you mean that it looks bad for Mr. Arling," returned Doctor Gerrish, "I do not agree with you. It was he who sent for me; and he promised to meet me here soon."It was instantly taken possession of. "Cathie," said Bergan, wonderingly, "what does this mean?"

      Diva Thane, it is perhaps needless to say, was a child of the North. Her peculiar type of beauty blossoms only out of soil, which, for half the year, withdraws its warmth into its deep heart, and wraps itself in a chill, white robe of snow. She had made her appearance in Savalla, about a twelvemonth before, unheralded and unknown, had rented the parlor of a decayed aristocratic mansion as a studio, and had tacked on the door a card signifying to the public that she was a painter in oils. She had thenceforth been an example of that freedom and independence of life which Art makes possible for its votaries, of either sex, as a compensation, in some sort, for the sacrifices that they are bound to make to her."I thinkthat he has a genius for conversation," replied Miss Thane, coolly.



      Chapter 10 LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT."What is it?" she asked, wonderingly, when the strain ended,not abruptly, but gradually growing fainter, until it was impossible to tell just at what point sound became silence.


      "Because your Uncle Harry has made his will, giving it to her. Never doubt me, Master Bergan, I know what I am talking of; and when I tell you that you shall yet own Bergan Hall, and all the gold that is hidden in it, and every foot of land that belongs to it, you may believe it as implicitly as if it were written in your Bible."